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Astoria Cyprus

Below you can see a brief classification of our services to give you an imagine about the spectrum of our activities.

Software porting and reengineering

Providing services in this area we usually deal with an existing legacy software needed to be redesigned according to the new customer demands. It may be just a cross-platform porting as well as software porting to the new database system or even full software redesign using up-to-date technologies.

Client/Server applications development

We have a sufficient experience in development of end-user client/server application in different application areas such as insurance, pharmacology, logistic, etc. Implementation platform is often proceeded from customer's requirements, so we use various programming languages and tools: client parts under Windows using Java, Delphi, Visual C++, Borland C++, Visual Basic, for server parts MS/Access, Sybase SQL Anywhere under Windows, Informix and Oracle under Windows and Unix are used.

Internet/Intranet applications development

During last two years we have significantly expanded our activities in this prospective area. Currently we have a skilled Internet team able to provide services in such fields as Java-applets, Client/Server Internet/Intranet applications, Web-interfaces to legacy systems and databases and low-level TCP/IP programming. As a prospective new direction of our activities we consider Web-design. Currently we are installing at our company a Web-design team to provide in the nearest future Web-design services.

Software components development

In this area we provide services for development software components such as functional libraries for hardware control, visual components, OCX, etc.


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