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Astoria Cyprus

Astoria Consultancy Ltd. was founded in 2001 to serve the international outsourcing service rquirements. Since 2001 we have significantly extended our business to look ahead with confidence.

It is obvious, that choice of a new partner or a supplier is always a certain risk for you. If an offshore company is concerned, the decision is especially hard to make. Such decision should be handled with particular circumspection, whereby all the factors should be taken into consideration. Our experience allows us to assume, that there are three most important factors: costs, product and service quality, as well as strict observance of terms and quality of communication in the course of a project.


It is not a secret, that the most important advantage of co-operation with Astoria Cyprus is the price of our services. Of course, you can choose a contractor in your country, but at what cost?! You may say that this is more safe, especially as far as quality, responsibility and a far more easier communication are concerned. However, namely these factors are subject to our special attention. The number of our clients and their content show that we have found the right way to meet all requirements and needs of our partners. While calculating our prices we do not proceed from the prices for similar services in your country. As a basis, we take our actual costs. And this is where such significant difference in prices lies. Naturally, we are interested in a long-term co-operation and you may be confident that our price policy will remain unchanged.

Product and service quality

The fact itself, that our services are exceptionally inexpensive, might mean nothing if your expectations of the quality of our work and observance of the terms are not fulfilled. If one attempted to formulate a short motto of our activity, it would have probably sounded as follows: "Low-price high-quality software development with strict observance of all assigned terms". The problem of product quality is a question which our potential clients touch upon most often. You definitely know it is impossible to develop more or less complex software products error-free. We understand that our task is to reduce the error risk in the course of testing to the greatest extent possible. For this purpose we have established a project quality group. Moreover, we have set certain standards for development of technical, as well as user documentation. All this allows us to supply our clients with well-tested, documented software ready for installation.

Quality of communication

There is another aspect of offshore activities -- the quality of communication between the client and the supplier. In this respect co-operation with a foreign firm may involve very serious, sometimes insolvable problems and complications. This is especially true, as far as language and accordingly the understanding problem is concerned. Despite the highly qualified personnel, the whole project is likely to collapse, in case the problem is not correctly understood, or the task is not clearly defined or not understandable at all. There is no need to explain, what this means for the co-operation. Such unpleasant experiences have deterred many potential clients from offshore development. We have perceived the importance of this factor already at the beginning of our activity, and we are proud to say, that we have solved this problem.

Our employees posses good knowledge of German and (or) English. All project managers speak one or both of these languages fluently. The majority of them has spent several years studying in universities of Europe or the USA. We do our best to make you forget, that we are separated by thousands of kilometers and that we speak different languages. We would like to make you gradually loose the feeling that the services are provided by an offshore firm and not by a renown software house in your country.

Environmental Management System

Astoria Consultany Ltd. has developed and implemented an Environment Management System (EMS) than aims to assess, control and reduce the side-effects of the company’s operation on the environment, including carbon footprint, waste disposal and energy consumption factors, among others.

Our EMS follows the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines, which are as follows:

- Plan: Planning, including identifying environmental aspects and establishing goals
- Do: Implementing, including training and operational controls
- Check: Checking, including monitoring and corrective action
- Act: Reviewing, including progress reviews and acting to make needed changes to the EMS.

Compliance Plan

The company is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner and, as a minimum, strives to adhere to the following general principles:

- In our day-to-day operation, we use a management system that enables, ensures and confirms compliance with all applicable national and international laws, regulations and contractual requirements.
- We are focused on demonstrating continuous improvement in environmental sustainability through recycling, energy conservation, conservation of natural resources, prevention of pollution of any sort, reducing carbon footprint and active promotion of environmental awareness and responsibility among all our employees.
- We maintain and improve our EMS to meet the highest industry standards or more stringent requirements stipulated in national legislation or imposed by particular contractual agreements.
- We set realistic and feasible goals for reducing the environmental damage inflicted, directly or indirectly, by our operation, and measure the results of our environmental efforts on a regular basis.
- Inform all our suppliers of our environmental policies and cascade their requirements to them to ensure compliance on all levels.


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