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Astoria Cyprus

Astoria Consultancy Ltd. strives to meet the highest standards not only in dealing with customers, but in making the company the best place to work for our employees. We do this by fostering the creation of interest-based groups within the company, encouraging sport activities and promoting healthy lifestyle, creating opportunities to improve language skills and organizing large corporate events aimed at making the entire team of the company a stronger, more motivated and active group of talented IT professionals.

The company cascades the requirements below to all of its suppliers and conducts regular audits to ensure compliance with EICC.


Our employment policies fully adhere to the national legislation of Cyprus, where the Astoria office is located. These policies outlaw the use of forced, bonded or prison labor in any form and imply pre-employment verification of each candidate’s bio and personal details. Our employment model is thoroughly based on free will contacts.


Child labor is strongly prohibited by all internal policies and the legislation of Cyprus. Prior to signing a contract with a future employee, the company conducts a thorough check of the person’s biography and background, and requests a valid ID, certificates, diplomas and other official documents confirming the age of the person to be employed.


Our compensation policy strictly adheres to applicable national legislation. All explicitly declared benefits, like annual paid leave, sick leaves, maternity leaves, pension insurance and social security are provided in full. All overtime hours are paid for at above regular hourly rates. Employees are informed of their payment via an internal electronic notification system.


Our standard working hours are in full compliance with the national standards set forth in the national Labor Code. Individual schedules may be shifted, but never exceed the standard hours. All authorized overtime activities are paid for at a higher rate.


The company has a zero-tolerance policy towards any forms of discrimination. Our hiring policy is not based on the grounds of race, gender, religion, sexual identification or orientation, social or ethnic background or disabilities.


Astoria Consultancy Ltd. does not tolerate harassment of any type, verbal and non-verbal abuse, bodily harm and other actions that may be qualified by employees as harassing.


The company imposes no restrictions of voluntary association of its employees based on common interests, sport activities or any other grounds that comply with the company’s internal policies and national legislation. We consider the formation of such groups an essential element of building stronger teams and creation of social bonds within the company.


Astoria Consultancy Ltd. strongly encourages its employees to embrace healthier lifestyle and engaging in all productivity-improving activities. All our employees are provided with a safe and healthy workplace.


The company invests a lot of time and effort into minimizing the environmental effect produced by the company’s operation. This is achieved through minimizing the amount of non-recyclable waste, lowering power consumption by using energy-saving light bulbs, switching to paperless document exchange when and where possible, use of energy-efficient hardware, use of teleconferences instead of travel to remote locations and other initiatives aimed at minimizing environmental damage.


The work of Astoria Consultancy Ltd is 100% compliant with all applicable national laws and regulations, as well as regulations of other countries where Astoria has onsite teams.


As an established business with clients all over the world, we use the highest ethical standards for all our deals and business operations. Our policies comply with all national and European codes of business conduct to exclude the possibility of bribery, corruption or abuse of power.


Our internal policies, including those pertaining to social responsibility, data security, environmental protection and other aspects of the company’s operation, are published on the corporate portal and are accessible to all our employees in their native language.


We do our best to be a profitable business, a responsible employer and a company that can change the world for the better. For this purpose, we sponsor the work of IT labs in the leading national technical universities, cooperate with schools and invite student groups to our office to introduce them to the essence of our work, and take part in charitable activities, such as the provision of financial support to orphanages.


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